The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


In Lightning Lab we had this thing we did each Friday, Good, Bad, Ugly (GBU). We drank beer, we shared stories, we laughed and we cried (ok maybe noone ever actually cried but things got pretty emotional at times).  We now run GBU at the Start-up Space in Dunedin. I wanted to keep the practice going because GBU is our chance to wear it all on our sleeves and recognise that entrepreneurship is an absolute roller-coaster and not always a fun one. This blog post looks at the GBU of my journey through entrepreneurship.


GBU poster designed by Dunedin entrepreneur Alax Robinson of!


For me the biggest good of entrepreneurship is the people you get to meet. The my team, the entrepreneurs, the customers, the partners ... thank you. Thank you for being awesome and making this whole experience worthwhile because quite honestly I don't think I could do it without you. Every time I get an email at crazy o'clock I'll admit it's pretty annoying. But the fact that they more often than not come from amazing people makes me feel less resentful (not completely but far far less).


I don't really feel normal. It's hard to explain but sometimes I feel like I have this badge on my saying 'hey she's weird ask her an awkward question!' I'm a pretty awkward person as it is and having something definitely different about me, like having no job and no answer to the ''what do you do?' question is tough.


The ugly for me is that a lot of the time I stop believing that I can do it. It's ugly because it can happen at anytime, this feeling has nothing to do with how the start-up is going AT ALL. It's just that moment when you stop and go 'f@!k what am I even doing?' and at the moment it happens about once a week. I'm getting better, it used to happen like twice a day. I HOPE that one day it won't happen at all, but I'm not sure I'll ever overcome it. It's particularly ugly because the biggest way I measure success is with my self-belief. I think I need some more objective metrics.

So .... there you have it, my personal GBU! It's not that intense every week ... that's just 'cos that was my whole journey compressed into one! Weekly ones focus more on things that are happening in our startup and they're becoming a big part of our company culture! If you're entrepreneuring in feel free to message us to get the times for ones in your area. Unlike this blog, all things said are socially confidential (we don't make you sign a non-disclosure but we appreciate you not tweeting about it).

​Cheers for reading!