Stop Validate and listen


New Year, new startup idea?

I talk to a lot of people about entrepreneurship. Not surprisingly, since I’m super passionate about it and do it full time.

A lot of people approach me with amazing ideas but no idea on what to do next. My answer is always the same

“Go and talk to your customers”

But for some reason this is often the LAST thing people do. Instead they devise complex build plans, get deep into designing logos, even start to think about the next step and the next step to their business - before they’ve even launched the first part!

Talking to people about your ideas is the first step to what entrepreneurs call validation - the act of checking your assumptions in the real world and assessing whether they hold true or not.

At SuchCrowd my role before CEO was Chief Validator - a role that seemed so unusual they wrote an article about it. For me it’s not unusual at all - if you don’t validate then you have no idea if something is true.

You can do validation on all aspects of your business but believe the most important form of validation when you have a startup idea is paying customers. Paying customers provide proof that your idea serves a need in the market. That a problem exists, and that your solution solves it.

Because I’ve seen so many potential founders fall by the wayside when it comes to testing whether an idea has people willing to pay for it I’ve decided to help out, offering validation services under Hyde Consulting

Step 1: Tell me your idea (I’m not going to steal it), I’ll repeat it back to you and make sure I fully understand it.

Step 2: We’ll design a customer interview that allows you speak to customers and build a conclusion about whether they would pay for your product or service.

Step 3: We’ll get together a list of customers to speak to - ones we think might want to pay for your product or service.

Two years ago I was working as a consultant and selling services very similar to these for $1500 a pop. I’m not going to charge you for these - if you find it valuable then we can work together on the next steps.

I’m doing this because the difference between a startup idea and a startup company is paying customers. I want to see more good ideas take the first step to becoming a great company. You’ll be equipped with the tools you need to get out there and start talking about your idea. I’m formally trained in qualitative research - the type you want in the early days to really be able to assess whether your idea has legs. I used the same techniques that I’ll provide to you to help SuchCrowd get its first 80 paying customers and raise investment.

So, new year = new startup idea? Don’t leave it in your head. Let’s work together to get out there and find you your first paying customers.

PS - I love feedback (obviously) so leave me a comment - what do you think? Would you use this? Do you understand what it is? Drop me a line.