Passive Income Slam



I haven't written anything in AGES! But this is too exciting to miss.

I've been thinking a lot about what I love about being a full time entrepreneur

  • accelerators,
  • incubators,
  • startup weekends

... all of the amazing things I've been lucky enough to experience over the last few years.

I think there are two words that sum up what I've loved about my entrepreneur journey so far. Challenge and community.

Sounds really cheesy but I feel like when everyone works together (even if just in the same room) you get more done at a better quality.

You can troubleshoot, share the journey, exchange expertise, combine resources.

Leeds Incubator, where I am currently located is kicking off some fun challenges to help our residences achieve some personal aims.

Our first one is a passive income slam.

Like a poetry slam? Not really ... we just thought the name sounded just about hipster enough to be cool.

We're planning to smash open this illusive idea of passive income.

Make $10,000 while sitting on the couch eating caaaaakkkkeee! Maybe not quite ;)

Our entrepreneurs are interested in building a passive income stream that would be enough to cover our basic necessities (shelter, food and really fast internet).

Maybe we will just make money and we won't change the world. That's an interesting convo that our residents have had. But the goal has been set in order to allow us to have not money but TIME. With this new found time ... just think what could be accomplished.

More details on our journey coming soon!

Interested in joining us? This challenge is open to people outside of the Leeds Incubator Residence. Why not get in touch!

Leeds Resident accelerator artwork