5 Reasons to Love being an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur is pretty freaking hard. You never really know what you are doing, you have a million more things to do than you possibly can, you work on a Saturday (yes that's today), you face a new problem every day and most of the stuff you try and do fails (to some extent). So why do it? Here's my 5 reasons,
1) You get to meet all the cool kids

I swear every person I've had the chance to meet through being an entrepreneur is just so cool .... they go against the normal grain of society and there is just something about them that makes me want to hang out with them. I just got off the phone with a guy from Universal Music ... we talked about startups which was great but the best part was hearing him say 'Yeah rock and roll' at the end of most sentences. Heck yes I will rock and roll, don't mind if I do.

2) Constant learning

As mentioned, being an entrepreneur means you fail a lot, but that also means you learn HEAPS! Learning is a huge driver for me, coming from an academic background so this is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurship suits me well. This week I used how to use a developer tool on Facebook to tell it what images and info to share when I post a link, totally didn't know things like this existed! And then I got to tell someone else who was having the same problem and looked like a super expert on Facebook!

3) Doing something new

Entrepreneurship means doing something different and novel. I find this exciting and challenging and most of all I strongly believe it has an amazing benefit to society when done in the right way. I strive to build businesses that better the way humans behave. It is thrilling to have the ability to bring positive change to my environment.

4) Making a sale

Making a sale is something that for me produces a feeling completely incomparable to anything else I have experienced. I've never skydived (I'm terrified of heights) but I did jump into water from a really high (ok like 3 metres) tree once and the adrenaline rush you get is kind of how I would explain the feeling but times like a million. Making a sale is ultimate proof that what you are doing is useful and something people want. It is the best part of entrepreneurship for me because it shows that what you are doing benefits society. (At Hyde Consulting we can help you with sales - drop us a line if you're interested in this)

5) Working in a close knit team

I'm lucky to have an amazing teams of people I work with on each of my startups. Working with them is really the best part of my entrepreneurship experience. We laugh, cry and problem solve as a team and the stories we are creating, I will cherish them forever (sappy right!?)