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Jacob Manning is currently taking on two more entrepreneurs in the Otago region to help the entrepreneur from idea stage to profitability. If the entrepreneur meets the criteria, $30,000 of resources for 12 months and assistance in follow up funding. The entrepreneurs will be required to work full time on the startup and will be provided co-working facilities free of charge.

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Getting your first raise is difficult. We can help build your business financial model and prepare you for your first raise. We are connected with Angel groups across NZ and Australia, along with early stage funding institutes. We will help structure your deal in entrepreneurial friendly way and help maximise the funds required to achieve a 6-18 month runway.

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Abbe is a highly trained qualitative researcher, if you need a framework/help with designing your validation to ensure you are solving a large pain point for your primary customers we can help.


Need capital to get you to your next step? We are connected with angel groups across NZ and Australia and have a depth of knowledge in startup funds and grants applicable to the stage your business is at.